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Ruhunu ve kılıcını bile
Ruhunu ve kılıcını bile
Uzakdoğu’nun resmedilmeye değer köyleri ve kartpostal gibi manzaraları nefes kesiyor. Ama bir gölge, bu muhteşem dünyanın üzerine talihsizce çöktü...Metin Taşları’nın etkisi, korku, huzursuzluk ve savaş alametleri veriyor. Kılıcını çek ve kaderini kendin belirle!

Metin2 - Haberler

Metin2: New Items for Dark Dragon Rock


Dear Metin2 community,

on time for the huge content update we have some new items for you in the Itemshop:

Cor Draconis
The heart of a dragon consists of pure crystal. Within this heart, well protected, the dragon's soul lies, in the form of a valuable precious stone. Which rough-classed precious stone you receive depends on which element the dragon belonged to: fire for a ruby, ice for a diamond, storm for jade, life for a sapphire, light for a garnet and darkness for an onyx.

Make use of Dragon Stone Alchemy to refine your Dragon Stone. More information can be found in the FAQ.

The Dragon Stone contained within is tradeable.

Green Dragon Bean
As the alchemist had planted some beans, his only thoughts were of the tasty hotpot that he was going to cook out of the legumes. His surprise was great, as the beans that he harvested after a few weeks sparkled in his hand, like small green stars. He'd long forgotten about cooking a soup by the time he investigated the beans and established that they were magical!

The magical bean increases your Dragon Stone's level. The strengthening process may fail.

This item is tradeable.

Metin2 Team


Before you purchase those items, you have to have visited the Alchemist. By doing so you get the new inventory for your Dragon Soul Alchemy ingredients. If you did not have visited the Alchemist before you purchased those items, and open the Cor Draconis, the contained Dragon Stone will drop to the ground and cannot be picked up!

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